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Dna Glow Express

A bespoke pick me up facial for the busy modern individual in just 30mins


Magically transform into sparkly, look at me skin.


Experience the quintessence of party, wedding ready skin even during lunch time break. Feel the radiance and dewy soft look instantaneously.


It instantly hydrates, brighten and lift complexion, revitalize lacklustre skin to reveal a smooth and luminous complexion.

For the dazzling, gleaming you, enquire now 


Pore Minimising

Tightens, Purifies and Minimizes enlarged pores

Diamond Peel Facial

Mechanical exfoliation helps to remove dead cells and uneven skin tone, diminish enlarged pores.

Hydro Refreshing

Instantly hydrates, refreshes and soothes the dry and tired skin. 

Deep Puri Matt

Anti-bacteria, balance skin PH and control the sebum secretion to reveal a visible clarity and matt skin effect.  


TCM Facial Guasha

TCM techniques work on meridian encouraging Qi (Energy) flow. It helps to detox,and encourages nutrients absorption. It delivers multiple benefits including instant lifting, face contouring, brightening and reducing fine lines.

 TCM Bojin Facial

BoJin Therapy is an amazing holistic technique to reverse aging. Similar to GuaSha which helps to encourage Qi (Energy) Flow and remove Meridian Blockage. BoJin works on deeper tissues to treat the problems from roots, the results last longer and more significant. Recommended for saggy, ageing & tired skin, see the “magic” right after a session.


Dna Infusion

DNA Infusion is a special formulated treatment of local chemist for Singapore skins, to treat what local skin needs. With liposome technology, it helps to penetrate cell nucleolus, to re-energise and “recoding” the ageing signs. Using customized treatment targeting different skin needs, resulting in amazing glow and skin improvement

Oxygen Boosting

An infusion of molecular Pure Oxygen to detoxify and eliminate aging dullness. It encourages vital cellular energy, restores damage skin cells and clams irritated skin. An ideal treatment for fatigue and fragile skin which needs a restorative boost. 

Power Hyaluronic

A wonderful Triple Hydrating Facial which work on dermis and epidermis layer. The different sizes of hyaluron molecules targetted on differrent cell layers needs, giving a deep hydrating effect and plumbing skin texture inner out. See a natural shine, healthier and very hydrated skin after treatment. 


Magic V  Lift 

A breakthrough technology which combines Multipolar Radio Frequency, Infra Red, Lymphatic Drainage and Mechanic Massage to deliver a better result in lifting, firming, face contouring and reshaping. A very comfortable and highly effective facial treatment.

True Light Infusion

Suitable for acne, oily, pigmented, coarse and tired looking skin. It removes the skin debris thoroughly, stimulates collagen synthesis and breakdown melanin formation.

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