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Prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. 


Studies indicate that Pre-Natal Massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. 


It also enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.





Reduce Swelling & Water Rentention 减少水肿问题

Reduce Back, Joint & Muscle Pain 消除肌肉和关节疼痛

Reduce Stress & Anxiety 减压、松解神经

Better Sleep 改善睡眠素质

Reduce Leg Cramps 减少腿抽筋问题

Hormone Regulation 平衡荷尔蒙

Pre-Natal Massage FAQ  


1.    Why should go for Prenatal Massage? 

       Pregnancy is a time of massive change in a woman’s body:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Hormonal shifts, metabolic, and              structural changes occur in the physical body.  A woman may experience mood swings, ambivalence, and issues surrounding her self-
       image.  The pregnant woman is likely to feel stress from all these changes.  The effects of stress can be detrimental to pregnancy
       outcome.  Studies of the effects of touch on the human pregnant body have shown to directly reduce these stressors.


2.    Is the massage safe during pregnancy? 

       Yes, Pre-Natal Massage is generally safe for most preggie. Unless preggie is under High-Risk Pregnancy, then would NOT ENCOURAGE for 



3.    What's the best period for Pre-Natal Massage? 

       Second to Third Trismeter is the best timing to have a massage relaxation. Wherever preggie is advice to stop the massage 2 weeks      
       before delivery. 


4.    What should i expect during Prenatal Massage? 
       Our trained therapist will help you to find a most comfortable side-lying position, to minimize any possible discomfort feeling. During

       PreNatal Massage, a light & gentle strokes will be performed on targetted area like shoulder, lower back, hips, glutreals & legs. A very soft        touch on upper body areas, firmer touch on legs areas to work on water retention problems. 


5.    Who should avoid Prenatal Massage? 

       Preggie with undiagnosed pregnancy induced hypertension, previous pre-term labor, severe (pitting) edema, or other conditions your

       doctor deems “high-risk”, is advice not to receive Prenatal Massage service.  


6.   What is the strength of Prenatal Massage offering by True Aesthetics? 

       True Aesthetics offers good quality of Pre-Natal Massage which not just help to soothe physically & mentally stress during pregnancy, but
       also moves a step forward to offer extra care for anti-strech marks care. We will apply a layer of Anti Strech Marks oil on the tummy
       before we work on a super light and gentle movement on tummy, in helps to protmote skin elasticity, repairing cells, minimize the
       chances of getting strech marks. 


7.    How much Prenatal Massage Cost at True Aesthetics ? 

       Usual Price: $98       Package Price: $78 






Yes, Mastitis (plugged milk duct) is a nighmare for after birth, you can imagine how painful & torturing it going to be, and for people encoutered this problem, they will pay for any price as long as they able to release from the pain.


But, do you know, mastitis can be avoided?  Yes, the unbearable pain is not necessary & can be prevented throuhg breast massage therapy. At True Aesthetics, we help preggie  to clear the milk ducts, soften the tender lump around the breast areas. It helps the milk flow more freely, with fluently flow & path, it triggers a higher milk production as well. 


What’s a plugged duct? When one of the milk ducts becomes inflamed or constricted, milk can back up behind that point, causing swelling and discomfort, even pain if it isn’t resolved.


After the milk has been backed up for awhile, it can become thicker (like toothpaste) and it becomes harder to get it flowing again. To the mother, this often feels like a tender lump in one part of the breast (or under the arm where the milk ducts extend).


In some cases, bacteria will grow in the backed-up milk (or bacteria may have caused the initial inflammation of the duct and then proliferated in the milk). Then the plugged duct can progress to mastitis.


With mastitis, the infected area of the breast becomes more swollen, looks red and often feels hot to the touch. The mother may feel feverish, nauseated and tired – like having the flu.

Not all cases of mastitis are related to plugged ducts, though. In some cases, bacteria gets into the breast through cracks or other damage to the nipple. If not treated, mastitis can sometimes turn into a breast abscess, which may need to be drained by your doctor. 

Prevent plugged milk duct is your goal, besides that, pre-natal breast massage also delivers lots of benefits like: 




1. Prevent Breast Cancer

2. Reduce Benign Cyst

3. Encourage Liver Health

4. Firmer & Lifted Breast

5. Enhance Attractive Bust Line


6. Prevent Plugged Milk Duct/ Mastitis


7. Encourage Milk Production After Birth



Meridian Stimulation Bust Care 


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At True Aesthetics, we provides good & well-trained Massage service in a modern, safe & comfortable environment. If you go for massage regularly, always encounter muscle pain, . 


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