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Skin Pigmentation



How pigmentation forms? 


 - UVB Radiation 

 - Hormonal Changes

 - Pregnancy 

 - Menopause

 - Birth Control Pills

 - Inherited Characteristic

 - Acne/ Scars/ Injury

 - Chronic Disease 


Skin pigmentation problems occur when skin has been agitated by the above factors. Thus, body produces too much melanin. Melanin formation is also triggered by an enzyme called tyrosinase, which creates the color of our skin, eyes, and hair. 

What facial treatment help? 


We offer good facial which covers both advanced machine technology (physical) & chemical treatments to inhibit melanin production & lighten the formated pigmentation. 


  • Dull SKin Brightening - a wide range of facials works on overall skin brightening, including Lumi C Glow, Gene180, DNA Infusion, Stem Cell Therapy etc. 


  • Hyper-Pigmentation - Hormonal pigment, freckles & brown spots. For stubborn pigments, Pigment Removal Mode of True Light Machine will be using to breakdown the brown spot. With True Light Infusion facial, the pigment removal is free as perk of the that particular facial. You are welcome to work on only pigmentation removal, this would cost $80 per session. The interval is 2-4 weeks for next visit. 


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Essential step to prevent? SUNSCREEN!! 


No doubt, the first line to defense is to always start with a well-formulated sunscreen. Compare with the skin under our clothes, it is smoother and clear, as the UV ray never reach them. An ideal sunscreen is not just giving enough protection but also repair. But of course, it is a matter of price concern. If you do not have enough budget, a basic sunscreen above SPF35 is recommended in Singapore. 


SPF(Sun Protection Factor) is a measure of "How long a sunscreen remains effective on skin". Do not apply the highest SPF on skin first as you do not need that long period of protection. Secondly, the higher the spf is, the higher the chances of sensitive skins and clogged pores too. 


Word-reputable brand- Dermalogica offers a wide range of different sunscreen for different skin, including sensitve skin, ageing, pigmented & acne. 


  • Pigmented Skin-Pure Light SPF30 (with brightening properties)

  • Sensitive Skin- Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 & Super Sensitive Shield SPF30. (with soothing properties)

  • Acne Skin- Oil - Free Matt SPF30 (non-greasy & oily)(with anti-septic properties)

  • Ageing Skin- Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 (with cell repair properties)

  • Normal Skin- Solar Defense SPF50

You might not see me, but am always there to protect you. 



There's quite a lot of whitening ingredients in the market able in reducing dull skin tone, like Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice Extract & etc. As said earlier, skin dullness is easy to treat, can get rid of with proper care & hydration.


The tricky & challeging problem is hyper-pigmentation. Some called it Brown Spot, Liver Spot, Hormonal Spot etc, also freckles are caused by hormonal changes. Laser (True Light is mild laser) can help to reduce it at certain extent, but not many can accept laser. Some would prefer topical apllication. Even when laser is done, home care is crucial to keep the condition under control too. 


  • Hydroquinone- No doubt,  Hydroquinone is the best when come into whitening effect. Just as it is prescribed, this product is not for long term use, as clinical studies has proven that it may caused cancer if prolong use. 


  • Retinol- is a Pure Vitamin A, has been proven as a potent ingredient to lighten melasma and pigmentation. Other benefits included delivering wonderful results in anti-ageing. A "must have" product to fight against ageing problem. It can be found in Multivitamin Power Serum, Age Reversal Eye Complex for treating dark circles and ageing skin around the eyes. 


  • Vitamin C-  especially high stability of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Brown Spot is essentially sun damage, and Vitamin C is the powerful antioxidant, shown to reduce sunburned cells & other UV damage, can found in Extreme C,  C-12 Concentrate.  


  • Phytic Acid- a natural plant antioxidant found in cereal seeds & fruit seeds. It works by blocking the entrance of iron and copper in the formation of melanin. It is found in C-12 Concentrate. 


  • OligoPeptide-34 - is a small protein molecule (also known as a peptide) consisting of 13 amino acids strung together to create a highly efficient and active molecule that addresses melanin formation. It is found in Pure Light spf30, Pure Night, C-12 Concentrate.


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