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Skilled Therapist 

Well-trained Masseurs with at least 10 years massage experiences. 
Our main objective is to help our customers

improve their health and well-being.

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Enjoy the spa treatment at a private, clean & cozy rooms.

We believe, spa is an overall experience, from touch, sense, sight & feel.  

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Spa is nothing without good service. we strive to give you a wonderful experience.



True Aesthetics Massage combines the essence of East & West massage techniques, corrects imbalance of YIn and Yang energy and promotes self healing of the body. It effectively treats muscle ache, stimulates metabolism & immune system.

Our licensed and skilled massage therapists use a combination of modalities ranging from gentle to firm pressure, paying close attention to areas requiring extra care or concentration.

Different massaging techniques can provide a wonderful sense of relaxation, relieve every day muscle tension, repair sports injury damage, boost circulation, and restore calm and balance to your body and mind.

True Massage combines the elements of different massaging techniques, ranging from gentle to firm pressure and paying close attention to areas that requires extra care or concentration.

True Massage is a customised therapy that provides a wonderful sense of relaxation, relieves everyday muscle tension, repairs sports injury damages, boosts circulation and restore calm and balance to your body and mind.

Begin your journey with True Massage now to take charge of your health and well-being.


True Aesthetics combined the technique of Sport Massage and TCM TuiNa to accomplish relieve of pain and stress on the body. We customise each treatment cater to the need of Individuals.


Strain Relief Massage 





WHAT IS Meridien Acupoint TUI NA? 

Tui Na is a therapeutic massage used in ancient China that has been around for over 2,000 years. 

It combines the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge, 

to treat & heal the body ache. 


This Chinese therapy make use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels 

of the body to establish harmonious flow of "Qi" throughout the body and 

bringing it back to balance. It works deeply with the positive energy of the body.







Normal body massage works on superficial skin tissues to relax muscle tension, some like Javanese type works on a stronger pressure to relief harder areas. It may soothe the ache instantly but the result usually couldn't last long as the “source of pain/blockage” hasn't been clear thoroughly.


TCM Tui Na technique works along meridians of the body to stimulate "Qi"(气) to remove blockage in the body. Overall, Tui Na's sensation is more painful than usual massage, The only reason is it works along blockage meridians areas which is the source of aching problem.    


一般身体按摩属于表皮按摩,主要舒缓精神和肌肉紧张,让酥酸肌肉得到暂时的松解。当中也有力道较强的爪哇式按摩, 但与中医推拿法有一定不同。推拿也是以揉、推、搓等手法,感觉相似,但运作位置却不一样。 推拿顺着人体经脉位置,疏通气堵部位,从根部解决问题。经穴推拿一般感觉比普通按摩痛,主要原因倒不是力道的问题, 而是推拿“对症下药”,不是在皮肤表面搓揉而已,而是针对有问题部位和堵塞之处搓揉,因此痛感较甚。

Faded Shapes

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If this is your first SHR Hair Removal session, no worries. Our well-trained staffs will be there to explain to you how the SHR works, what to expect and what to take note after your SHR Hair Removal Session when you visit our outlet the next time. A Good SHR Hair Removal experience is our promise to you!