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Hydro Refreshing

Instantly hydrates, refreshes and soothes the dry and tired skin. 

Deep Puri Matt

Anti-bacteria, balance skin PH and control the sebum secretion to reveal a visible clarity and matt skin effect.  

Pore Minimising

Tightens, Purifies and Minimizes enlarged pores

Diamond Peel Facial

Mechanical exfoliation helps to remove dead cells and uneven skin tone, diminish enlarged pores.

Dr Babor Purity Cellular

This facial is designed to reduce acute and stress-related skin impurities with inflammation.  Normalises the function and size of sebaceous glands.  Main active ingredient complexes from anti-irritating poria cocos extract, E. chlorantha extract, oleanolic acid, beta hydroxy acid, zinc reduce the formation of comedones, the production of sebum and removes excessive dead skin cells.  Antimicrobial microsilver as pure, natural silver kills off existing bacterial and prevents infection by releasing silver ions that destroy the bacteria membrane. a-Oligoglucan inhibits the spread of propionibacteria acnes which tends to occur excessively in clogged hair follicles.

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