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Beauty Model


We work closely with international professional skincare brand - Babor, Skyendor & local laboratory to design a series of special treatments to uniquely cater for Asian skin needs.  We specialised in detail extraction for deep cleansing and

comfortable "angle touch"massage

to help you calm the skin and mind. 


We believed,

a happy skin starts from a good touch. 

Yoga Asana


Ultra performance of our IPL Hair Removal not just delivers in result. We been selected

one of the Best Choice of IPL in town. Rest assured with the  result and  budget.

We offer most transparent pricing, cost-saving plan and 

flexible arrangement to fit you most. 

Back Massage


True Aesthetics Massage combines the essence of East & West massage techniques,

corrects imbalance of YIn and Yang energy and promotes self healing of the body.

It effectively treats muscle ache, stimulates metabolism & immune system.

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