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TCM Facial Guasha

TCM techniques work on meridian encouraging Qi (Energy) flow. It helps to detox,and encourages nutrients absorption. It delivers multiple benefits including instant lifting, face contouring, brightening and reducing fine lines.

 TCM Bojin Facial

BoJin Therapy is an amazing holistic technique to reverse aging. Similar to GuaSha which helps to encourage Qi (Energy) Flow and remove Meridian Blockage. BoJin works on deeper tissues to treat the problems from roots, the results last longer and more significant. Recommended for saggy, ageing & tired skin, see the “magic” right after a session.

Dr Babor Calming Cellular

Sensitive skin generally displays symptoms such as excessive reactions of nerve fibers in the epidermis, redness and irritation associated with discomfort as well as dysfunctional protective lipid layer which often causes a high loss of moisture. INTENSE CALM extract from sheep polypore to regulate the activity of a special pain receptor (TRPV1) in the skin to alleviate feelings of tightness, dryness. Long-term usage strengthens the natural skin protection barrier, improves the skin’s irritaion threshold. Skin-moisturising bioaccharides and gamma-linolenic acid primose oil stimulates the skin’s own production of ceramides to restore lipid layer. With BABOR Age-Prventing Peptide flips the skin cell switch to maintain healthy skin cells for a longer period of time and delay aging process.

Babor Multi Moist Peptide Facial

This facial promotes the skin's own hydration, harmonizes the skin’s natural protective barrier and protects against moisture loss with intensive nourishment. DEEP MOIST extract of both short and long-chain moisturizing hyaluronic acid, NMF and meadow foam seed supply and bind moisture.   Plus BABOR EpigenTech Age-Preventing Peptide assists to retain the validity of healthy skin cells for longer time and thus, delays aging.  RESULT: Skin looks fresher, rosy, softer and supple to the touch

Babor Mimical


Skin in need of regeneration often exhibits many lines and wrinkles.  Especially in times of tiredness, stress and expression, small wrinkles and expression lines appear more obvious and deepen, caused by micro-tensions in the skin.  BABOR Mimical Control Peptide eases micro-tenions in the skin.  The distribution of neurotransmitters, which is responsible for muscle contractions of wrinkles muscles, is reduced. Existing expression lines are significantly alleviated and the skin appears youthfully smoother.  Squalane strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and Vitamin E traps free radicals.

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