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Be Youthful. Be Hairless. Be Pampered @ True Aesthetics

At True Aesthetics our expert team of professional therapists provide an unparalleled bespoke pampering, purifying and therapeutic experience. Our ultimate goal is to help you looking younger, feeling energized, having radiant and glow from within with each treatment with us.  

We are specialised in providing Fast Effective Hair Removal, Wide Range of Good Facials to cater different an unique skin conditions. Our well-trained massuer, not just providing a stress relief body massage, but a real therapeutic body therapy which relieved the aching problems from roots.   We believed deliver Good Customer Service is the vital quality we focus most not below our treatment quality requirement.  

Based on advanced skincare science, anti-aging expertise, innovative bodywork techniques and indulgent rituals, our range of luxurious and exclusive treatments utilises state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning product ranges to deliver relaxation, renewal, and rejuvenation.


We are specialized in providing fast effective hair removal, a wide range of facial spa treatments, lash and brow treatments, body therapy, fat reduction.


Leave the stress and tensions of day to day life behind… Come along and be pampered. Experience some of the most beneficial relaxing Facial treatments, or perhaps enjoy a  relaxing massage. Whichever experience you choose, you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after having a little ME time.


To begin your journey towards better looking, more youthful and radiant skin please call us @6358 2672 (NOVENA OUTLET) /6283 2688 (TANJONG PAGAR OUTLET)




At True Aesthetics, our clients are at the core of our business and we are committed to working with to personalise your service to suit your exact needs. Our Beauty Therapists have many years of experience and we are all dedicated to finding the style or treatment to suit you! Our Beauty Therapists are happy to share their knowledge and experience and ensuring your skin gets the best available care.


  • individualised facial treatments to your personal skincare needs

  • suitable for both men and women

  • use the award-winning skincare ranges

  • offer the highest quality treatments

  • use the latest technology, light therapies, and skincare machines

  • highly experienced and professional beauty therapists

  • personalised advice on the most appropriate treatment and the best home care to suit your skin by our therapist




We believe massage should be more than just pampering. Massage has the ability to release toxins, relax tight muscles, ease your aches and pains, and help you forget your daily stresses.

Although you can select a specific massage from our menu, we encourage you to consult with our therapists so they can carefully combine various therapies to design your own personal massage experience to better address your specific needs. So please tell your therapist your reason and needs for a massage today, and enjoy your personally designed recovery therapy.

We more than just listen to your suggestions, we document each therapy. The result, a therapy designed for you that keeps improving with every experience.

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